“Semantic Logicism” is a blog devoted to the theoretical development of the relationship between mathematics, logic, and language. Contemporaneously, this work is being advanced in the form of graduate research. From a historical standpoint, semantic logicism is grounded in aspects of the philosophical programs of Bertrand Russell, Alfred Tarski, Clarence Irving Lewis, Ruth Barcan Marcus, and Charles Sanders Peirce. However, the predominant tendency is cultivating novel solutions through thematic investigations into the quantificational process of intensional and extensional properties. The project centers upon the disambiguation of intensional and extensional properties to avoid referential and semantic paradoxes in either the functional variables of pure logic or the semantically valued constants of natural languages.

This site is maintained by Scott Belcher with Trin Turner and Tom Schenk Jr. as contributing editors. Furthermore, samples of published material by Scott Belcher and Trin Turner can be accessed at the Drake Social Science Journal. In relation to his master’s thesis, Scott is currently developing a calculus by which the problems of referential opacity and other related forms of incommensurability can be solved on the level of quantification.

Scott Belcher

Scott is currently pursuing a Masters in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York City. Scott received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Religion, and Politics at Drake University. Scott Belcher can be contacted at: sjbelcher14@msn.com or BelcS551@newschool.edu.

Trin Turner

Trin is a Masters candidate in the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University. He also authors the Philosophy of Science blog. Trin received a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Neurobiology from Drake University.

Tom Schenk Jr.

Tom is a Masters candidate in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University. He also runs a blog at genericface.com, which contains articles on academic computing and economics. Tom received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Politics with minors in Mathematics and Philosophy from Drake University.


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